How should the linear floor drain be installed

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Linear floor drain installation method:
1. Find a good flow slope to ensure that water can flow in all positions, leave the tiles on the edge of the floor drain, measure the size and cut the gap to achieve a perfect effect.
2. Cut the tiles and lay them up.
3. Brush the cement mud around the back of the floor drain to make it firmly bonded to the ground, do not brush too much.
4. The center of the floor drain faces the center of the drain pipe, put it into the pipe, and press the floor drain tightly so that the water level is slightly lower than the tile surface.
5. Wipe off the excess cement and clean up the ground garbage.
6. Install a special anti-odor core, and the inner core can be taken out and cleaned at any time.
7. Cover the panel cover and the installation is complete.

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