What are the characteristics of aluminum alloy inspection port

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1. Good quality: Made of aluminum alloy, light weight, strong bearing capacity, no rust, not easy to deform.
2. Arbitrary: Any size can be customized and produced without high abrasive costs and quantity restrictions (such as triangles, polygons).
2. Anti-mildew: In a high-temperature environment, the dense material of the inspection hole makes it difficult for mold to grow, and relieves the troubles caused by the mold sound that is prone to occur in porous sound-absorbing materials.
3. Easy to install: easy to install and fix, it only takes 1-2 minutes to install one.
4. High cleanliness: It can effectively avoid the occurrence of microscopic dust, and is an ideal choice for places with cleanliness requirements.
5. Easy to use: It is easy to open during maintenance, without special tools.

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