What are the characteristics of round gypsum board access panel products

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1. High artistry: The access panel and the ceiling material form a perfect whole, unlike other material access panels, which have obvious connections and protrusions, which affect the appearance, and will greatly improve the grade and taste of the decorative effect.
2. High strength: After the access panel is treated with high-strength gypsum powder through a special process, the surface of the product is smooth, never deformed, and has excellent weather resistance and durability.
3. Environmental protection and fire resistance: gypsum and glass fiber are grade A materials, which fully meet the needs of building fire safety.
4. Closure: The frame cover at the junction is made of special profiles, so the closure is high, and it has a good decorative effect and appearance.
5. Easy installation: the installation method is the same as that of the gypsum board ceiling.

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